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You Are The Game

The most expensive game you'll never buy. · By Unknown Developer


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"You Are The Game" v1.05 - Time Saving Update
Time is important. Make a good use of it. Be sure to spend it wisely. Your life depends on it. Things will get easier. It's not laziness. It's CPU slowdown issu...
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"You Are The Game" - Wisdom Sight Update
With the "Wisdom Sight Update" ( WSU ) the price of "You Are The Game" drops to $0,00. This was possible only thanks to you . You are able to obtain this...
"You Are The Game" v1.04 update.
"You Are The Game" v1.04 update: -Enhanced loading performances.
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"You Are The Game" v1.03 update.
"You Are The Game" v1.03 update: -Added data logging support.
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"You Are The Game" v1.02 update.
"You Are The Game" v1.02 update: -Enabled code switching pipeline.
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You Are The Game - Soundtrack
You Are The Game - Soundtrack The "You Are The Game" soundtrack is now available for download.
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"You Are The Game" v1.01 update.
"You Are The Game" v1.01 update: -Additional features for the SMU (system management unit) are now available; -Various optimizations and improvements.
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