"You Are The Game" - Wisdom Sight Update

With the "Wisdom Sight Update" (WSU) the price of "You Are The Game" drops to $0,00.
This was possible only thanks to you.
You are able to obtain this update right away.
No changes were made to the downloadable files.
The only relevant change was applied to the price value of this game.
Thus, making the "Wisdom Sight" available throughout the whole Virgo Cluster.
A cluster in which time and space endured a journey ended many aeons ago.
Back then, when our dear friend Matt divided seven by itself, we knew that the "Wisdom Sight" was just words away from the lights.
The lights came down to our cleft. And we welcomed them.
Now Matt is coming back from the dead. Leaving this palace to join the people in the cleft.
Why should we close our eyes to the loathsome question?
Because Matt is dividing seven by itself. Once again.

Have you ever reached the true door?
Have you ever waited for the horror to come?
Have you ever used the code you were given?

The unanswerable question is a pit too deep to climb.
It's constantly shaking our freezing minds.
Do you think we know the rules of the game?

They said six truths:

  1. This game plays you
  2. This game always played you
  3. You don't play this game
  4. You are the game
  5. You've always been the game
  6. This is not a game anymore

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