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On the Edge

Well, Jake and Melissa.
What else can we say?
Sometimes you gotta live on the edge. And dangerous things can happen.
Let me tell you a secret: we are just like one long, tangled scarf.
Life is scary. We're constantly wrapping up a scarf around our perversions.
And this can be scary too.
It can be, but it doesn't have to.
Jake and Melissa are, well, just another strand in this colorful scarf.
But this strand is different from the others.
It's like when you're out, hanging with your friends, and the night sets in.
Suddenly, the cold air freezes your hands. You quickly put them in your pockets, but just when they're getting warm, your neck starts freezing up.
Wrapping up a scarf around your neck would now be the best thing to do.
And you do that. Despite your hands getting cold again.
Now think about it. What neck could be colder than one caught in a gust of perversion?
Jake and Melissa are wrapping up their strand around one very cold neck.
Their lives are ready to approach the edge.

They're there to face the threat.



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