A downloadable game for Windows



This is a horror █████ ███ ██████.

Please, make sure that the patient is wearing a pair of headphones in order to █████ the results.

Any patient showing signs of ███████ ████ must be cleared out after the 467767 treatment.

Do not make use of the ████ ██████ ██ 467767 if the patient has been previously ██████ ██ ███ ███ or if he/she is in a ██████ relationship with other inmates.

During the treatment period, always refer to the term "horror" as explained in the attachment 467767-1b.

Remember: the most important █████ ██ █████ of the treatment 467767 is the patient's unawareness.

-Dr. ██████ ████████

Install instructions

Run file "Hypno-467767.exe" = Play
Headphones on = True


Hypno-467767.exe (15 MB)